A studio dedicated to classical Pilates

Located in Historic Hyde Park
“The Pilates Method of body conditioning is designed to give you suppleness, natural grace, and skill that will be unmistakably reflected in the way you walk, play, and the way you work.”

– Joseph H Pilates

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At Forte' Pilates we are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of Pilates. We are a fully equipped studio and dedicated solely to Pilates instruction within the classical system. We believe that the work is simple, not easy. We use Gratz and the new Balanced Body Contrology equipment as well as Pilates Designs and Pilates Lineage apparatus. These lines of equipment are not more complicated than the work, and therefore help the body to work deeply and to flow through a workout.
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"Going to Forté Pilates is the highlight of my week! I get a great whole-body workout every time I go, in a supportive, positive atmosphere."
Jane Buckthal
"I have been working with Carrie for the last 8 years and feel stronger than ever. I shattered my calcaneus in 2017 and the recovery was so much easier because I had so much core strength from practicing pilates regularly.  As I age pilates will ensure the body is ready!"
Jill Glenn
"Pilates has made a huge difference in alleviating the aches and pains that come with aging and working at a desk. I am grateful for the challenging workout and supportive community at Forte' Pilates."
Robin Holsinger
"Forté Pilates Studio is a beautiful and fresh space! The community within is a great balance between structure and grace. After a traumatic physical injury and two pregnancies I was ready to repair and reconnect with my body. Pilates is the right practice for me because has given me strength at my core and allows me the opportunity to be fully present."
Ashlee Irwin

Driven by our shared passion

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They helped us launch sooner and achieve spectacular results. We are thrilled.
Annabelle Porter, Grillz
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